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About me

  • This is Saravanan Gnanaguru (Saravanan), Polyglot Programmer, Technology blogger, DevOps Evangelist and Cloud DevOps Architect

  • Interested to work on anything related to Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Azure Pipeline, Docker and Kubernetes. Infrastructure Automation expertise in Chef, Ansible, Terraform, Azure ARM template and AWS cloud formation

  • Interested to talk about Go, NodeJS, C++, Ruby, Bash, Python and PowerShell

Community Contributions

  • I would like to contribute back to developer community by writing technology blogs, GitHub contributions and Stack Overflow

  • Checkout the contributions here,

  • On Oct 2021, I've become part of AWS Community Builder Program and click here to know more about it.

Reach out to me on,

Other interests

  • Developed Chat-bot applications in Google Assistant Actions and Amazon Alexa Skills

  • Publishing Gadget Tech Videos in YouTube



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